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What is PFiTT?



    “PFiTT” is a program for fitness and nutrition tracking at the individual or trainer level. 100% Free.

· Unlike big name installed brands, PFiTT runs in Access, so if you have MS Access, you are ready to use PFiTT.

· First and foremost, it has sections and pictures for the specific purpose of designing and printing BETTER than professional style workout routines. It comes pre-loaded with a few hundred exercises, and it takes no time at all to add your own to start designing your own professional looking routines and programs.

· You can add your own exercises and pictures to customize the program.

· You can add custom foods to the program.

· BMR calculator, Food Log, Body Log, Cardio Log, Cardio Calculator, Printable History reports, this program has it all. And, if it doesn’t have what you need, email me and I’ll add it in the next version.

· It’s built to be usable for individuals, multiple people in one home, Navy CFLs and Professional trainers. Download your free Copy today and email me feed back for program improvements.

The Main Menu starts as simple as the rest of the program. Almost all navigation throughout the database is button oriented. Most buttons say  exactly what it means. This is the first menu you get when you open the program.

For a You Tube video that explains how to use PFiTT, click “HERE” for   Lesson 1.

From the Exercise Editor screen, you can edit, add, delete and control all of the exercises in the database. So, you are in FULL control of the definitions and pictures available. The number of exercises you can add to the database are unlimited. This allows you       massive routine building capability for you and/or your clients.

Every exercise can be opened in it’s own form for in-depth editing and you can add four custom pictures for    every exercise.  Only pictures #1 and 2 show up on the printable routine. Pictures #3 and 4 are for in office     visual training only.

The printable routines can be printed with (or without pictures to save ink). They can also be exported and saved as .PDF files so that you can have workout routines ready to print or email on the fly. You can also see in the top-right-hand corner that you can insert custom business logos.

The “Body Log” allows you to track unlimited history of any number of people or clients to track their process. Body fat measurements, muscle measurements and pictures can be added along with a date of all the      information. These reports can also be printed and saved as .PDF files for email and historical sessions.

There is also a cardio log. You can input weight, cardio type and level of intensity which auto calculates the calories expended and save just like the other reports.

A food log is in the database as well. Hundreds of foods are already added, but just as with the exercises, you can add, edit and change everything to your standards.

The calculators are some of my favorites in the database. The calculations for US Military BCA (Body composition assessment) ,, BMR (Basil metabolic rate),, BMI (Body mass index) and a calorie calculator for food are all in the calculator menu.

This is an example of the printable body log menu, so you can discuss progress with your clients and/or friends, workout partners, family members, etc.  that you are tracking.

But, the biggest boast of the PFiTT program is the printable workout routines. It can be printed or saved with or without the pictures as you see fit. It always allows for five set/rep       record entries. BUT, you can put in the notes how many sets you expect the client/person to do.

For more You Tube video that explains how to use PFiTT, click

HERE” for   Lesson 1

HERE” for   Lesson 2

HERE” for   Lesson 3

HERE” for   Lesson 4

HERE” for   Lesson 5

HERE” for   Lesson 6

HERE” for   Lesson 7

For any questions, changes or database design ideas, feel free to contact me.

Email: Chad Hutchens

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