Laser Etched Pen / Cigar holder & desk marquee

$25.00   (Plus shipping if applicable)

Customized laser etched pen / cigar holder and desk marquee.

These pen / cigar holders are customized to your specifications.  Any text, and most logos can be laser etched to your needs.

As seen in images 1 and 2 below, when the box is opened—it doubles as your desktop marquee.

Both sides of the box can be laser etched to your needs. This gives you the flexibility to use the box in two different ways, or just allow for business on one side and fun on the other.

                               Image 1                                                                     Image 2

                               Image 3                                                                     Image 4

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Below here; are some extra random photographs of some of the laser wood work that can be done on the pen holders or other special projects. . For very specific requests or questions email me at:

“Super Magnets” keep your box secure for travel.

Very custom job working with customer.

Custom messages can be engraved on the inside.

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