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View and order my handcrafted projects. Products include desktop marquees, personalized laser engraved Dog and Pet tags, pen boxes, nametags and so on. Every order is made to order based on your exact specifications.

View my 100% free databases available. YES.!!! They are 100% free. No email required, no credit info, no name, NOTHING.!! Just free databases designed by me for your use. All I ask for is comments on making them better, and REQUEST your email for general conversation about improving the programs.

This page is the original reason for this website. The “DBS” in title of the website itself stands for “Data Base-Systems”. All of the databases are built on top of “Microsoft Office”: usually in “Microsoft Access”.

Therefore, when you download one of my databases, there are no automatic updates or downloads that your computer will constantly bug you about. Since the programs work on and in MS Office,  you do not need to “Install” my databases., just have Microsoft Office on your computer. It is that simple!

Although: I do request your email address, it is not mandatory at all: NOT EVEN your name is needed to download my databases.  The reason I attempt to contact users is to ask for YOUR ideas for improving the databases. Then updates and better databases can be produced. It will be up to you to update them or not when I make improvements.

The free databases currently available are:

1. PFiTT—Personal fitness and instructor training tool

2. M-CAL—Maintenance calibration and logistics

3. CASH—Consolidated accounting and history

4. 4. MAP-IT—Mom and pop inventory tool

5. K-DAB—Karaoke database

6. TESTGEN—Test generator

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Visit the DBSBYHUTCH CPO section of my website. This section of DBSBYHUTCH is password protected and for Genuine Chiefs only.


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